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Written examinations make me wish I have a photographic memory.

Written examinations make me wish I have a photographic memory.

I said I’d write my dream down when I wake up so that I won’t forget it but right now I already forgot it. Ugh. It was a very detailed dream now trapped in here ugh lkafjsalkfjsaflkaj

I seriously need to unlearn.

I need to stop using hahas and emoticons whenever I feel like it. Hahaha. (Like this one for example.) Ugh, it’s because I have this Scriptwriting class, which is the reason why: (1) this is in English and (2) I have to know when to stop using hahas and emoticons because it’s not helping me. 

I think this is because of all the informal talks on facebook and chat and what not. I don’t what to be misinterpreted that I’m boring and uninterested thus thehahahas aaaand because I really laugh a lot in real life. 

I remember one time when I used and someone asked something like “Can you stop using hahaha or emoticons at the end of your sentences?!” I should’ve taken that question seriously. HAHAHA.

See what I mean? No? Okay.

Doodled on WorldRoom’s glass panels


WorldRoom is a learning community passionate about sharing inspiration and instruction thru stories, trends and even everyday Starbucks conversations.

Last week, I was asked to doodle on WorldRoom's glass panels for their event "The E.P.O Essentials" the next day.



Kelil Albuainain decided to come along. Check out his works at!




Eventology doodle. :)



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Hope you liked it!

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My sister bought me this book I’ve been wanting for the past months "Steal Like an Artist" by Austin Kleon (Hnnggg.) and I’ve just started reading it. *o*

I just finished watching “The Book Thief.”

It’s so… beautiful and agonizing at the same time. 


Do you watch Game of Thrones?

#never in my life have i related to a post more

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The scription


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